Bee Books – Scottish Government / NHS Mark Williams Creative

A few years back creative director Mark Williams worked up a brilliant campaign for the Scottish Government to raise more awareness of teenage sexual health issues, following the highest recorded rates of teenage pregnancy and STD’s. Mark’s answer was to create Ladybird-style books, that he called Bee books. They depicted a variety of scenarios teenagers might face and were written in a style that tackled the issues head on, but in a light-hearted and amusing manner that teenagers might more readily relate to.

15,000 bee books were created and distributed throughout Scotland and Mark won over 30 awards for his work including a D&AD yellow pencil. The problem Mark faced when the dust settled however, was that the books looked a little flat in an online portfolio. That’s when Mark came to us to realise his creative in moving image form.

Our solution was to create a stop-motion style CG animation of the books and drop in a voice over from Balamory’s very own Miss Hoolie, who delivered the prose with brilliant comic timing. A simple but effective execution that didn’t attract away from the magic of the books.

We’ve worked with Mark on numerous projects and are always impressed with his passion and creativity. It was an easy decision to work on this for him. Take a look at some of Mark’s other award winning work at: