Diesel VR Experience Savvy

We were honoured to continue our great working relationship with Savvy Marketing by creating a 3D stereoscopic, animated VR film, to herald the opening of Diesel’s new flagship store in London.

Working closely with Savvy’s creative team and using character designs from Diesel’s ‘Fur me, Fur you’ campaign, we brought to life Savvy’s vision of a psychedelic, furry world, resplendent with furry trees, fields, hills, mountains….trapezes and catwalks!

Placing the viewer on the back of one of the furry characters, we provided a dazzling virtual flight through the 360 environment as the furry characters swung on trapezes, cartwheeled down catwalks and skied down frozen, furry mountains. Savvy introduced a truly multi-sensory experience by enlightening the customers with scents of cotton candy, puffs of wind.

Guests were invited to sit on customised haptic feedback stools, grab life by the horns and put on their furry rumble vests for a ride to remember.