Harrison Spinks Brass Agency

In collaboration with Brass Agency, who devised the creative concept, Flipbook were thrilled to produce Harrison Spinks’ first TV commercial in the company’s 178-year history, working alongside Director Richard Oliver and Producer Nicki Casey.

Our multi-disciplinary capabilities allowed us to create ‘Harrison‘, the CG animated sheep, and accompanying CG lamb. The Flipbook team were set with the task of crafting the complex photo-real CG animals while ensuring Harrisons’ endearing nature was encapsulated. Extensive R&D also occurred in the formation and movement of the sheep fur simulation, in order to replicate the distinctively tufty and curly fleece of a Wensleydale sheep.

The advert follows Harrison travelling through Yorkshire, imitating the same unique journey of a Harrison Spinks mattress; beginning in Harrison Spinks’ own 300-acre farm to their Leeds factory.

Further celebrating Harrison Spinks’ Yorkshire heritage, the soundtrack was written by The Firm and performed by Leeds based band, ‘Hyde Park Brass’, while the voice over was performed by Leeds born actor Matthew Lewis, who is best known for his role as Neville Longbottom in the Harry Potter films.

The TV ad aired on Boxing Day, taking a prime spot between Coronation Street and Quantum of Solace on ITV. The ad runs alongside the company’s first ever integrated consumer-facing campaign which will continue to run until June 2019.

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