Hex Frost Ring Arena Trailer Gameforge

Set against a backdrop of war, magic and powerful hexing gems, Hex Entertainment’s latest addition to Hex Shards of Fate is the Great Frost Ring Arena which introduces new ways to play and experience the massively multiplayer online trading card game.

Publisher Gameforge tasked us with creating a trailer that introduced the Great Frost Ring Arena and its main antagonist. Using key art from the trading cards themselves and an overview of the story behind the arena, we were tasked with scripting and designing a trailer that positioned the Great Frost Arena in the wider context of the Hex world.

The key art provided was from the trading cards themselves and as they were in portrait form our in-house concept art team had to expand each artwork and add more detail. We then transformed each image into a series of individual layers so that we could create more parallax and a little movement. VFX such as fire, embers, ice tornado’s etc. were then added.

We commissioned renowned British actor Peter Egan to be the voice of Hogarth, the main antagonist.