Police Federation – Believe in Blue British Police Federation

Working closely with Brain Candy we helped produce 4 adverts to promote the work of our Police forces here in the UK.  The extensive and complex shoot required the use of a motion control rig and a steady cam op, with the cameras hurtling past the actors, shooting footage at 100 fps to give as fluid a movement as possible.  The VFX required was equally as extensive and involved multiple clean-ups of clothing rigs, hair and accessories so that they hung motionless in mid-air, as well as replacing a ladies head so the directors desired take could be used.

With a number of the shoots being shot outside there were a large number of invisible visual effects implemented to correct swaying hair, plants and other detritus caught on the wind; so that everything looked like a frozen moment in time. In addition we also created CGI elements such as water spray from a fire hose, wine spilling out of a bottle, a basket ball hanging in mid-air, smoke and a multitude of other elements that couldn’t be shot in real-time.

The Director’s cut can be seen below.