Reebok NHL All-Star VR Experience Reebok/NHL

Client: Reebok/NHL

Agency: Savvy Marketing

Art Director: Vicki Munro

Audio: Bent Ear

We were commissioned by Savvy to create this  Virtual Reality brand experience to support the Reebok jersey launch at the NHL All-Star event in Nashville, Tennessee. Allowing fans to experience what it feels like to be part of the All-Star hockey team. Samsung Gear technology was coupled with a SubPac tactile bass system to create a 4D haptic experience that sets it apart from other VR.

Working from Savvy’s script and mood boards we started with character design and storyboarding the core action sequences. With this being a 360 degree, animated VR film we needed to make sure that every character was animated continuously for the entire length of the film. Working closely with Savvy’s art department we devised an action sequence that made the most of the high impact body checks that feature in ice hockey games, using super slow-mo sequences to really capitalise on these impacts. We rendered the experience in full stereoscopic HD so that a truly immersive 3D experience could be had.

Below is a straight render video of the animation and a 360 interactive youtube video that allows you to move around the environment using your mouse. The experience can also be downloaded on Samsung’s MilkVR.