Supercar Megabuild Shine North / National Geographic

Listen up, petrol-heads, this one’s for you. For the second season running, we’ve been moonlighting on National Geographic every Thursday evening on the British motor-mad show Supercar Megabuild.

Supercar Megabuild is not your typical car transformation TV show. In each episode, their specialist team of mechanics’ mission is to renovate both ordinary and luxury cars into extraordinary motoring beasts. This season is hosted by former Boyzone member Shayne Lynch – whose father raced and built race cars – and mechanic expert Dan Barruffo and sees the pair travelling around the world in search of the perfect cars to transform.

We continued our great relationship with Shine North when they commissioned us to create graphics for Season 2, after Season 1 proved to be a huge success.

We produced between 8 – 10 shots for each of the eight episodes. We created 3D wireframe car models and used VFX and 2D graphic overlays to explain what was done to turn the run of the mill vehicles into racetrack-ready supercars.

If you can’t tune into Nat Geo Thursday nights at 8pm, then have a look at some of the shots here!