The Worst Witch – Series 3 BBC, Netflix and ZDF

Flipbook used their own wizardry to produce VFX for series 3 of the CBBC’s The Worst Witch. A well-known childhood favourite, the series follows Mildred Hubble and other young witches becoming students at Cackle’s Academy for magic, following their mischief and comedic mishaps along the way. The Worst Witch was co-produced between BBC in the UK, ZDF in Germany and Netflix internationally.

The Flipbook team produced high-end VFX and supervision throughout the 13-episode series, applying a plethora of magical effects including smoking cauldrons, disappearing spells, and floating objects. We also crafted a multitude of CGI creatures and digi-doubles for the series, such as giant Venus fly traps, transforming golden frogs and disappearing flying owls.

What’s a magic academy without broomstick flying? Flipbook were also required to imitate a large amount of broomstick flying, which involved filming the actors in greenscreen rooms ‘flying’ on broomstick rigs. The result is a display of supernatural proportions, with each scene delivering a range of exciting, visual magic effects and supernatural spells.

You can catch up on past episodes of The Worst Witch on BBC iPlayer: The series will also be available on Netflix internationally later this year.