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It’s all starting to sound a little bit Star Trek!

Virtual Reality is the new black

If you thought our short animated film, Bogeyman, wasn’t scary enough then be sure to ask to see our Virtual Reality version on Occulus Rift. We’ve re-designed the film so that it can viewed on VR platforms in full, glorious stereoscopic 3D.

VR is clearly smoking hot at the moment so we thought it foolish not to try and get ahead of the game and invest some considerable time into seeing what we could achieve with it. Alongside Bogeyman VR  we’ve also been doing some R&D into integrating visual effects/CGI into 360 live action film, not an easy task but we’re achieving some very positive results. Watch this space…

Real World Simulations

Working across Video Games, Broadcast TV and Advertising means that we often get asked to simulate a number of real world effects. This is where our tech team comes in; they figure out ways to produce simulations and other CGI effects to compliment the shots we work on. With client productions normally having fairly stringent deadlines we don’t normally have too much time to devote to R&D on a job, so the technical team often further their skills by producing tests in their spare time or between jobs. These tests are normally aimed at discovering new ways of simulating real world physics in the computer and include everything from the viscosity and movement of fluids, to explosions, smoke plumes and hair simulation.

Here are a few tests from the team presenting a variety of different fluid simulations.

Bogeyman - A Short Film

It’s safe to say that Bogeyman is by far the darkest and most chilling animation we’ve ever produced. The fact that it was devised and created entirely in-house will likely have people questioning the mental well being of our team, but fret thee not for I assure you we are all mostly of sound mind…mostly!

Bogeyman materialised from a love of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderesen and the Brothers Grimm; rich parables steeped in folklore, often dark in nature and with frequently fateful endings. Disney’s many excellent animated re-inventions of these classic stories have done much to reconnect people with them, but I doubt the Little Mermaid would have been quite as successful with the kids if Ariel had had her tongue cut-out by the sea witch, in a vain attempt to win over a prince, who ultimately marries another woman and leaves her to dissolve into a puddle of frothy sea foam.

Bogeyman was an attempt to use animation, that apparently child-friendly medium, as a homage to those classic fairy tales. We hope you like it.