Titchmarsh on Capability Brown Spun Gold / Channel 4 Features

Channel 4 features commissioned London production company Spun Gold to produce Titchmarsh on Capability Brown, a 3 x 60 series that aired on More 4. The series follows Capability’s astonishing life, including his humble northern origins; the joys and sorrows as a family man and his rise in popularity with the 18th century English aristocracy. Aided by the recent discovery of Brown’s 18th century pre-survey plan of Belvoir Castle, which was never realised, the series also sees Titchmarsh assist the duchess in trying to recreate Brown’s vision for the castle grounds.  Flipbook were brought into help peel away the landscaped layers of the past 300 years, not just in the grounds of Belvoir but also at Blenheim Palace and Longleat. A variety of photo-real CGI landscaped scenes and buildings were created and composited into the live action footage, allowing the producers to show how the landscapes used to look before Brown’s involvement. We also provided 2D motion graphics sequences to explain how some of the more complicated landscaping processes were undertaken.