Pre-visualisation & Creative Direction

We’re more than happy to get involved in a production at any stage in the creative life-cycle, whether it’s right at the beginning when ideas are being formulated, or when ideas have already been established and the only thing left to do is the actual physical production. Whatever the case we assign a director and producer to every job we undertake, to work with our clients and provide support and advice in order to achieve the most spectacular result possible.

Our pre-visualisation services include:


We aim to produce animation that packs a real emotional punch. Our award winning team of animators specialise in CG and 2D animation, with many years experience behind them. Our talent for animation has allowed us to work with some of the most respected advertising, video games and film production companies in the industry.

Our animation has been used in TV advertisements, in video game cinematics and cutscenes, in films, in TV documentaries, on webpages, on mobile phones, in augmented reality apps, on outdoor digital advertising screens… in fact we’d be hard-pressed to name a visual media platform we haven’t provided animated content for.

Visual Effects / VFX

Flipbook’s visual effects team combines technical innovation and creative ingenuity to produce high-end visual effects to the television, film, advertising and entertainment industries.

Our VFX artists regularly team up with our animators and modellers to provide a broad range of skill sets including:


Our stills work can encompass anything from high-end CGI print work for various brands, video games box art and marketing imagery, to 2D concept artwork and character/environment designs.

The advantage of CGI print work is that we can create 3D models, texture them, light them, position the model in any environment we like and place a virtual camera in whatever position we like, to make the whole image look like a real photo. We don’t need to ship expensive items and equipment overseas for location shoots, we can create everything in one package, in one location and once the model has been built it can be re-purposed and used over and over again across all transmedia, without limitation. If there’s something you don’t like then we can fix it efficiently without the costs associated with re-shooting.

Our 2D concept and design stills are a great way of creating a quick visual aid, for when you need to visualise a written